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What is a Spy Camera?

You may have heard of home surveillance cameras; but did you know that spy cameras can do more than just record footage? Spy cams are actually devices that make people feel more secure, and there are a number of ways they can be used.In this article, you’ll learn about the benefits of spy cameras, what they look like, and how to choose one.


Generally speaking, a spy camera is an audio or video surveillance device. Some of them are actually disguised as something else, such as a pen or light bulb. However, they’re often disguised to look like technology you might already have in your house.


Spy cams come in all shapes and sizes—think of anything you can imagine, like your motherboard, radio, cell phone charger or TV remote control. They can be placed anywhere in order to monitor any activity within the home (living room, bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom). Some spy cameras also record video footage and audio, while others only listen. Spy cams can also be used to protect a home or business from intruders.

If someone breaks in, you can use the camera to remotely check up on the area and see what’s happening from afar.

Advantages of spy cameras

The benefits of spy cameras include the ability for people to observe without being seen; so that makes it a very useful tool for anyone who wants to stay safe and secure.

  • Spy cams can be used to monitor the activity inside of a home, and that includes:
  1. Cash/financial transactions
  2. Medical conditions/health records
  3. Personal conversations/surveillance (noise levels)
  • Professional practices (i.e., doctors, lawyers, therapists)—the list goes on and on. There’s no limit to what these devices are able to do. You can even use them for covert surveillance if you need to look in on someone without being seen by them.
  • Another highly recommended use for spy cameras is that you can use it as an alarm system in your home or business that sends alerts when motion is detected on the cameras.

Spying on Your Roommate?

Look no further than a spy camera to know if they’re cheating. There are also situations where you may have to monitor someone with their consent, like a spouse. In this case, it’s even better to install the camera in their bedroom or bathroom, so that you can see what goes on when everyone’s gone.

Is a spy camera legal?

Yes. Spy cameras are generally legal because they aren’t actually visible, unlike home surveillance systems or hidden cameras that are hard-wired into the walls and ceilings. In addition, spy cams can help you keep track of any activity that’s being recorded. In other words, if someone is breaking in, you can easily go back to the footage and try and find anything that could lead to prosecution for the person who did it. ​Last but not least, spy cameras are also legal because they don’t capture video or audio in a place where there is an expectation of privacy. For example, someone’s home is not considered to be a private place because the owner wants to be able to catch intruders on their property. This includes renters as well; so you have every right to install a camera in order to protect your belongings from theft.

Types of spy cameras

There are a few types of spy cams that you can choose from. Some of them are:

Wall clock camera: This type of camera is placed in a regular wall clock, and it also has an SD card to enable remote monitoring. This device can be used to monitor nannies/babysitters with their consent. However, you should make sure you let the nanny know what the camera is for so they’re aware to not touch or cover the camera when they’re in front of it. Otherwise, the video-feed may be interrupted and then the purpose would be defeated.

Magnetic mount: This one will stay in place on the wall, and it has a wireless receiver. You will also receive an SD card to enable remote monitoring.

Pen camera: This is another type of hidden camera disguised as a pen, so you may have already seen them attached to the bathroom mirror or on the nightstand. They have a small video camera that can be mounted on anything; such as a lampshade or clock to monitor those who live in your residence.

MiniDV camcorder: This one is similar to the magnetic mount spy cam, but it looks like an ordinary analog video recorder.

Clock radio: This is a spy cam disguised as a regular clock radio. It comes with a wireless video receiver that can be hidden in another room.

More examples of spy cameras include:

Microphone cam (hidden audio) Microscope (hidden camera) Digital picture frame (hidden camera) Wireless access point router or hub set up on Ethernet Mini Camcorder with an infrared night vision feature Eyeglasses with a camera feature USB cable/device that connects to the USB port of your computer, laptop, or cell phone Charger for MP3 player/Cell phone etc. Laptop/desktop computer Router for wireless access Printer Copier Fax Machine Charging dock for cell phone etc.

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